Sunday, October 9, 2011

Keychains (June)

Wohoooo..Why am I not here for a long time??? Not sure, but probably because in no mood to update :D Here are some of the last June's project. The theme was red ;)

Order requested from Kak Linda (my collegue)

For my housemate, born on June 19th ;)

Order requested from Wani for her students. She had made a promise to give something for them if they passed history exam.

Thanks dear!
Sometimes I also made a promise that I will give things to any my students who pass my target. We call it reward system! It is so effective to induce students to do well in school.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Keychains (May births)

Hye all!
It's been a long time I'm not updating my blog. So now I'm back with the last 2 month's order ;p Here they are! ;) Sorry because these pictures are a little bit blurry ;p

The birthday girls' name


Orange and black theme

The back side


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our Birthday!!!

Hi everybody!!! 

I turned to 27 already! Although I am always saying that age is doesn't matter but actually I am a little bit worry about my age! The time flies so fast and a year gone and come. What ever it is, I am really grateful because I'm still breathing now. Thanks God!

My beloved housemates also born in April. April is our month :-) Here are little birth present for my housemates, Pae and Asma. I already gave it to them. Hope they like it!

for Pae (19th April)

for Asma (13th April)

Wish both of you a sweet and a very very happy birthday!!!! May Allah bless us!

Owhh I forgot to state my birth date ;-p I was born on 17th April at 1.47am. (Did you see my lucky numbers there? ---> 1, 4 & 7)

Keychains (Ash & Amy)

It's keychain again! I sewed it last weekend for my colleague, Ashril. Hope he will like it. I guess it is for his wife. It is for sure right? hehehe.. :-)

This time I packed the keychain nicely. I am adding the tag too.

Thank you Ashril! :-)

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Special edition car!!! I wanna give it to someone ;-) Scroll down to see the pictures. Happy viewing!

Halfway work. hehehe...

Close up!

Front view.

Back view.

Next time I want to make one for my car's key.

This is my car! Cute right? ;p 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Keychains (April births)

4 days left before April!!! I'm super duper happy because no need to think about sewing for a while ;-) Here are the keychains that Kak Linda ordered for her students' birth in April. Happy viewing! ;-) 

I made them more bigger than the last order.
The back side. I just put ribbon with teddy bear printed.

3-D effect!


Yeahhh ready to pass them to Kak Linda ;-)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Learn to Crochet !

After walked to other blogs and saw pretty crochet stuffs there, I'm so impressed to start crochet too. But how do I start????

1) I need to have a crochet hook, crochet threads (they call it yarn) and scissors!
2) Find the tutorials of how to do the basic stitches
3) Practises a lot!
4) Look for an easy crochet project!
and ........... I get my own crochet stuff!

Here are crochet lovers' blogs that I followed :-

# pinky pinkle LINK
# halizda @ handmade LINK
# hazeleaf LINK

I have found some tutorial blogs too :-

# totally tutorials LINK
# art of crochet LINK
# craft eNVy LINK
# future girl blog LINK

I can't wait to have a try!!!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Felt Tissue Pouch

I have made a tissue holder for myself! I make it simple at first. I just put a ribbon and 2 black buttons on it. But it seems like 'something wrong' and too plain.

So I sewed some branch stitches and glued some colourful flowers at the tip. I put it some leaves too. But it still looks plain and dull. So I added some clouds ;-p 


This is the back view. I only put a polka dot grosgrain ribbon on it.

Now I can put tissue papers into it!

I make it a little big than the tissue packet size.

 It's ready to use! yippieeeeee...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Keychains (March births)

Alhamdulillah... I did it! Actually I have completed this order last week but no time to post it here. I am feeling so tired in this few weeks. I started teaching a private tuition 2 weeks ago. I am really grateful because got that offer but at the same time having problem to manage time. Only on weekend I can spend time to sew! and on school breaks too!

Oyeahhh... It's a school holidays again! That means I need to start working for April births.  Chaiyok! *---*

Here are the pictures of March birth keychains  that have been completed :-

: All of them :

: The idea is making a glue :

: but got a toothpaste ;-p :

: School sock :

: Sock again :

: Is it a book? :

: Pencil case? :

: or pillow? :

: A shirt :

: Hoorayyyy!:

*** Pictures 2) to 9) :
above : front view
below : back view

Last but not least, I want to wish all teachers and students a very happy holidays! XOXO