Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our Birthday!!!

Hi everybody!!! 

I turned to 27 already! Although I am always saying that age is doesn't matter but actually I am a little bit worry about my age! The time flies so fast and a year gone and come. What ever it is, I am really grateful because I'm still breathing now. Thanks God!

My beloved housemates also born in April. April is our month :-) Here are little birth present for my housemates, Pae and Asma. I already gave it to them. Hope they like it!

for Pae (19th April)

for Asma (13th April)

Wish both of you a sweet and a very very happy birthday!!!! May Allah bless us!

Owhh I forgot to state my birth date ;-p I was born on 17th April at 1.47am. (Did you see my lucky numbers there? ---> 1, 4 & 7)


K su said...

Rajinnyer...I Like ;)

K su said...

Rajinnyer...I Like ;)