Sunday, February 20, 2011

Keychains (Jan & Feb births)

Continue from previous post "Kak Linda's order"...

Finally the mission accomplished! Fuhhhh so tired did all this things..huhu..Yeahh I can't wait to give 'them' to the owner ;-)

As usual, I am attaching the pictures below :-

Happy birthday to Amylia, Vanesa Jane, Michelle, Mary Ann, Emylia, Sylvester and Emilie! Wish you all best of luck on your studies and life. Actually I had taught them Maths last years. XOXO

*** Today is my soulmate's birthday! Happy birthday to you dear! Hope your birthday blossoms into lots of dreams come true! ;-)

Friday, February 18, 2011

kak linda's order

Yesterday I started to sew for kak linda ;-) She requested a total of 62 pieces of keychains to be presented to her boys and girls (her students laaaa;p) during their birthdays throughout this year.

The following is a list of student names with their birth date that was given to me. I highlighted the names and dates for who born on last month and this month to be completed first.

 : year 6 Biru :

: year 4 Biru :

And here is the first one which already completed :-

: the cutting :

: pinkish girl (new design):

: back view :

So, six more to go before the end of Feb. Wish me luck! ;-)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Order requested from Faizah a.k.a Pae

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning peeps!

Today is my off day again! Thanks to the headmaster because took the 'cuti peristiwa' for our school. Although I don't know what event are replaced ;-p

Actually, I went to bed at 4 in the morning yesterday. Merely want to complete this order. Tired but worth it. I am happy with the outcome ;-) Hope Pae likes it too! She wants to give all this to her students  for their achievement. So sweet!

: special for you, pae! :

: seven little pillows :

: seven little pillows :

: back view :

: colourful buttons :

: F.A.H = Faizah Abdul Hamid :

: good luck :

.......  I'll be back with the other felt keychains requested from my colleague, Kak linda ;-)

P/s : Don't shy to leave some comments ;-p

Saturday, February 12, 2011

LuRveLYNN keychains

I sewed some more keychains ;-) One of them is special for my housemate, Zuraidah, as her small birthday present. Hope she likes it!

: Special designed for her :

: Zu for Zuraidah :

I have two more keychains as my personal collection. Here there are :

: My favourite :

: An improvement in needlework :

: Baby boy :

: All of them :

: Let's sketch :

: Some of the ideas :

I am so excited to do more crafting. After saw my art work, one of my housemates, Pae, asked me to made some keychains for her students. Don't worry dear, I will made it for you within my 4 days off.  Can't wait to upload the pictures here! ;-)

P/s : Some of the pictures are taken by zue. Kredit to her!

Friday, February 11, 2011

My first trial in crafting with felt!

Finally, I sewed my first keychain!!! Actually it is a trial but I am very happy with how it turned out. This is the pictures after all the hard work! (hard la sangat ;-p) Happy viewing!

: The trial set from mycraftnhobbies :

This trial set is including the felt fabric, fiber, key rings, hp strips, some bells, google eyes and the others I bought from One Stop shop (famous in Kapit) and the chinese shop (not sure the shop's name;-p)

: LuRveLYNN :

: from side :

Maybe need more practises to improve the needlework. I am excited to made more stuff afer this! Hope my sewing skill will be much better then.

: its me :

So, what do you think of my LuRveLYNN???

P/s : Wait for the other LuRveLYNNs!!! ;-)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

hOmeMade CarDs ~

A'kum and a very good morning!

Today I want to share the homemade cards exclusively created by me;-)  Actually those cards were made for my special boyfriend for his birthday and our anniversary! XOXO

: for our 4th anniversary :

: for his birtday :

I think making greetings cards is a wonderful hobby. Card making is easy and fun. Usually I make my own cards and sign them at the back by my name. Its cool! 

You also can make your own! Just put your own little touches on it. I am sure that the person you give the card to will received something that money can't buy. Furthermore creating your own cards is the best way to save money on buying cards ;-p

P/S :- I just love crafting. Now I am learning how to make craft using felt! Wish me luck!  

Saturday, February 5, 2011

HSDPA USB modem + celcom broadband prepaid


                                   RM79 (including the SIM card)

This USB modem is mine before and yet will be yours ;) i am no longer use it cos my dearest housemates have subscribing the streamyx line for our home sweet home.

This modem comes with celcom broadband SIM card (prepaid). So you can surf and chat using instant activation and ZERO monthly commitment. Just activate the broadband ONLY when you need to surf internet. Its so SIMPLE and very suitable for those who are not interested surfing all day ;p

Before this, i used it for 2 times per month and only paid for RM36! When I have no mood to surf, I left it for a while. Its so BUDGET right? Maybe comfortable most for students!

The latest rates for this prepaid are:-
  • RM5/ daily (a day)
  • RM18/ weekly (7 days)
To subscribe,
  • type BROADBAND DAILY or BRAODBAND WEEKLY and send to 28882.
  • When you get a reply message, send BROADBAND YES to 28882.
For more info about how to subscribe simply click here :-

 If interested, jus contact me at


Forgot the password!!!!

Hye!!! ;-)

This is the first time i am log in here since the last time in june last year. InsyaALLAH i will update this blog oftenly. Dont forget to be my follower and check out the latest and hottest items here. XOXO

I think its not too late wishing all the chinese out there, a very happy chinese new year! May the happiness be with u! ~